Will Grey Die Already?!!

25th May 2020

Edgecomb Gray, Silver Satin, Agreeable Gray, Gray Owl, Stonington Gray, Wickham Gray, Gray Cloud, Revere Pewter, Wish and many more. 

I get asked all of the time from clients who are selling or just bought their home, “what should I paint the interior?”  I’m confident to say that the greyscale is still holding strong. Agreeable Grey, classic grey and others have taken over what used to be the beige wave in the 90s. 

My entire house is painted and agreeable gray, I’m not terribly proud to say it but it’s true. I consider myself to be a person with a bit more of a bold style. Someone to use unique colors that speak loudly with variety and passion 😉

Arguably my home is still gray because I just bought it about a year ago however it was not gray when we bought it it was gray because we chose to paint it that way. There lies the big differentiator.

Here is what I can also say with confidence, just like every other trend, it will go out of style. Grey will look “soooo 2015.”  Or, Grey will continue to be a color of a home that is either newly built or listed for sale (AKA not lived in) 

Here’s what I mean by that, when I work with sellers our main focus is around making their home appealing to every single person except for themselves. Any sort of personality or character that the house has that might defined them as individuals could also exclude others from seeing themselves in the property. Selling a home is all about avoiding objections. If you have a home which looks to be a clean slate than most people can picture themselves living there. I.e. gray.

Sidenote if you noticed my different spellings of gray and gray you may be stretching your head. Apparently the color is spelled both with an A is America and an E in the UK.  So back to the paint. Gray or whatever color it is is the cheapest and most effective way to improve the look of your property. If you talk to the real estate investor community a number that they typically say is that a gallon of paint painted on your walls is worth $1000 in resale value. If you can do this work yourself then putting a gallon of paint on the wall might only cost you some time and $60 in supplies. If you use a professional a gallon of paint applied to a wall may cost you about $400. Either way it’s a solid investment as well as a project you can do yourself. If you’re on the fence when it comes to colors you can still default to gray and know that most people in the market appreciate it.