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Credit Questions?

Building your credit isn’t just for those with bad credit – improving your score can lower your interest rate and save you tens of thousands over the life of your loan.

Did you know that maintaining a high credit score before or during applying for a loan is different?
– You should pay your bills on time AND keep a small balance when applying.
– You should NOT close accounts or dispute debts.
– You should have multiple credit lines but no more than 4 cards. You should NOT open new accounts.

Did you know that you can improve your score by up to 40 points WITHOUT spending any money?
You can do this by:
– increasing your line of credit
– spreading out your debt to multiple accounts
– or by finding a mistake and having it removed.

Did you know that there is no difference in mortgage rate if you are anywhere between a 850-760?

If this all sounds complicated you are NOT alone. We have over a dozen trusted lenders and credit score professionals, please contact us for more information.

Special Note-ID theft has become more sophisticated and complex stay on top of your security and payments often to avoid issues. Change passwords monthly to phrases that include numbers and symbols.

  • Transunion


  • P. O. Box 2000

  • Chester, PA 19002

  • 800-680-7289 (Fraud Alert)

  • 312-985-2000

  • Experian


  • P. O. Box 2002

  • Allen, TX 75013

  • 800-493-1058 (Annual Credit Report)

  • 714-830-7000 (Option #3)

  • Equifax


  • P. O. Box 105873

  • 800-525-67285

  • (Fraud Alert) 404-885-8300

  • Social Security Administration (SSA)

  • 800-269-0271 (Fraud Alert)

  • 800-772-1214

“The Morehouses were amazing to work with. They helped us prep/stage/sell an extremely unique property in the Fan (Richmond) which sold over its first weekend on the market for more than asking price with multiple offers. They also endured countless journeys with us as we saw almost every property available in the city to find our perfect home… which, I am happy to say I am now writing this review from. If you’re looking for a local realtor I would highly recommend… they know the area, are very well connected and love what they do. Thanks for everything Eric and Colleen!”

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