Why you should NOT be there for the home inspection.

27th January 2021

Yes, NOT be there.

Let me explain what that means.

I DO recommend, that you show up AFTER home after the inspection to meet you Inspector and go over the findings in their entirety. That, I strongly suggest my clients be present for always. However, I do not recommend they show up for the entire inspection.


Well, do you want the inspector to do a good job? (obviously)

Would you like them to remain focused?

(no question)

Do you want them to miss any potential defects?

(of course not)

Then the question I ask you is, what is the benefit from being there throughout its entirety?

Do you plan on engaging with the inspector throughout the inspection?

(hopefully not)

Here’s the answer, you will not gain any additional information hanging over your inspector throughout the inspection. And, if you plan on engaging with your inspector throughout the inspection plan on them not enjoying this attention, finding your presence to be a nuisance, resulting in them skimming over details, losing focus and potentially missing out on findings.

Obviously this is not what you would like from the final result.

I think there is plenty of room here for analogy. If someone was operating on a loved one would you think they would do a better job if you were hanging over them asking questions and inquiring to learn about the human body?

Was that the left or right ventricle you were putting the stint in? OOPS!

Do you think your contractor would do a better job if you were hanging over them throughout an entire project asking them questions and inquiring about steps taken?

Is there any specialist who does anything that would enjoy the process more and execute it more effectively while entertaining a guest and “educating“ them along the way?

I think the answer to that is a simple and resounding no.

If you value the findings of the report and you want your inspector to do a good job, don’t come (for the inspection). Avoid the temptation to show up and consistently asking them questions along the way. Show up at the last half an hour and be prepared to get just as much if not more information in that short period of time.

Have your questions ready and be prepared to walk through the house with your inspector to uncover any issues at that point.

If you do decide to show up for the whole inspection and you do prepare to stay out of the inspectors way just understand that you will be staring at my ugly mug for three and a half hours and watching me fill out post cards.

I’m happy to have company.