Rip off all of your home improvement ideas

6th November 2020

I don’t mean to start off this blog so philosophical but I will.

All ideas, even the original ones, come from the inspiration of ideas passed.

One of the biggest challenges that people face when it comes to home-improvement is the vision. People think they need to express their creativity to come up with something that’s totally unique. Something that speaks to who they are.

This is nonsense.

Almost anybody would be able to flip through their favorite magazine and find 10 completely different kitchens that they think are absolutely beautiful. 10 different master bedrooms that they would love to make their own.

This is where you have your freedom.

Find something that the experts have already executed to perfection and just re-create it.

Certainly if you are so inclined to make some tweaks with pops of color and throw pillows or light fixtures or an accent wall, feel free.

But avoiding the biggest missteps or the clashes of styles put these big decisions in the hands of people who are professionals.

They can either mean, pay an interior designer $1500 to put it all together or rip out a page from Southern living and utilize their Professional.

In regards to peoples personal style one way to avoid interior design fails is to keep things simple. Like I mentioned earlier there are tons of different styles that are beautiful.

If you like more than one and you pull them into a single space it could be a disaster. Keep one theme in the room and ideally keep a level of consistency throughout a space whether it be a first floor for a communal living space.