Real estate influences of central America.

11th November 2020

I’m gonna kick off this blog and concede that I am in love with Spanish-speaking countries. The people that I’ve come in contact with in my travels and the experiences that I was happy to have enjoyed really shaped this impression that I have.

I developed an interest for speaking Spanish in high school. A couple of friends moved into the neighborhood my junior year who are from Spain. They were 100% fluent and helped me learn the language.

They helped me develop a skill which was invaluable and opened the door to so many experiences I have deep gratitude for their relationship.

The skill gave me the freedom and interest to travel outside of the United States to Spanish-speaking countries which opened worlds of possibilities and experiences that I hold dear today.

Now architecture in different areas of the world is shaped by a number of variables. Economic structure, age of community, availability to materials, weather patterns, etc. Obviously you will not find an open air home in Maine with no windows and cement floors, but in Panama you could see them everywhere. I certainly do LOVE a more tropical climate so that probably makes my interest in the architectural styles biased.

In the states, however, you do see influences from all over the world. One of my favorite styles of home is the all cement open air property. (beach front would be nice too ;)) Rough stone, open court yard in the center. Tropical plants, drool. Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that you can find these styles and incorporate them into your home. Even if you are just selecting some aesthetic modifications to really bring in a theme of Mexico, or coastal or beachy. You do you boo.