Can you have too much interest in your home?

18th December 2020

I think the answer to this is a two-part answer.

When you have a desirable home and you get a lot of interest and you have a lot of showings this can be a problem. It may not be one that would result in a poor sale of your home but I could certainly impact SOME potential buyers. Even some that are very qualified and interested.

A buyer doesn’t have to be financially flimsy or a first time home buyer to have concerns that would make them want to “avoid a bidding war.”

I have represented sellers who had a very desirable home and had tons of interest and even asked if it was necessary for me to hold an open house because of the interest. I basically responded, “I won’t do more work if you tell me not to.” They even had to turn away showing requests because they were booked SOLID (that’s kind of how we do it ;)).

But here’s the rub, while these folks had TONS of interests the interest made people disinterested or at least turned off. Some of these people could have made an AMAZING offer, but they were scared off by the competition. Luckily the sheer numbers we hit brought us people were able to battle it out. This specific example resulted in over a dozen offers, AMAZING terms and a sale price WAY of list. Bing. Bang. Boom.

Who wants to sell like this in 2 days?