18th May 2020

Soft-Close Cabinets

The Gimmick That Pays

I am a bull in a China shop, Colleen will be happy to confirm that information. I’m also the family chef so I spent plenty of time working my way around the kitchen. (Stay tune for an upcoming blog on designing the kitchen and the chefs triangle) in the morning and quickly preparing breakfast and lunch so that my six-year-old can get to the bus stop by 7 AM.

Now let me say this for the record, when we renovated our kitchen a year ago this was my first experience with my own kitchen having soft close hinges and slider drawers. I love it!

If you are working in the kitchen, often and especially in a time crunch you can move relatively quickly without much attention to finesse.

If you don’t know what soft close cabinet and drawers are I’ll do my best to explain. They have a mechanism attached to either the hinge or the slider that allows you to put in closed in right before they do the motion is that slowed so they never slam shout. 

Now if you are in your forever home and your cabinets do not have soft close hinges you can replace them. A swinging door is much easier than a sliding drawer, but it can be done.

As someone who worked in kitchens personally and professionally for decades, you can function in the kitchen without a soft clothes. But it is quite a luxury when you do. If you are going to get cabinetry I encourage you to insist on the upgrade. 

(Be prepared for a number of short and sweet kitchen blogs)

Happy cooking, save me a bite!